Happy Thursday


What a great evening!! Mother Duck arrived close to my patio with her 9 little babes. I ran inside to grab the camera but more importantly several slices of Aunt Millie's Potato Bread. We tore the bread into tiny pieces for the babies. They eagerly went after the bread, although the little fish in the pond were also hungry.

The sun was so bright it was hard to snap photos. I love this Nikon but it doesn't have a view finder so taking photos in bright light is tough.

These little ducks just make me smile. I love how the Mother watches over her little babes. I love how some of the ducks venture out but quickly come back to Mama. I also enjoy the ones that have to stick close by to Mama.

I'm sure I'll be snapping more pics as the little babes grow up.

Anyway... Happy Thursday!


Patty said…
They have found a place to eat.

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