Mother Goose & Babes

This morning there was a loud honking by my patio door, with some quacking between the honking. I looked outside and Mother Goose was looking at me, her three little babes by her feet. They were so cute and fluffy. It is extremely cold today... and the little ones were shivering.


I threw out some bread for the goose family and then Mother Duck, along with her 7 baby ducklings came over to partake of some bread too.

Then this afternoon, guess who shows back up at my patio door? Mother Duck and babes. Her little babes are very hungry and eat the bread up as quick as I can throw it.


And now it's 6:30 pm and guess who just showed up at my door. The Geese family and the Duck Family.... I'm down to my last loaf of bread and I have to make it last. I did send little cupcake out to buy me 2 loaves of bread, but he probably won't be home until after 10:00 p.m.

I think I'm going to close my curtains so I can't see them... but I can still hear the little peeps.

I just loves these little creatures...


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