My roller skates...

When I was a child I had a pair of roller skates that were adjustable and were placed on your shoes. I loved these roller skates and spent many afternoons skating from our house down to Mr. Grey's house. Sometimes I would venture around the block, but mostly down our driveway to Mr. Grey's driveway and then back to ours, over and over again for hours.

Now this type of roller skate also came with a key. The key was used to tighten the skate onto your foot. Logically I would always place the key in my back right pocket of my pants since it seemed you always had to tightened your skates.

One afternoon as I was zooming down a driveway, my skate came loose and I fell down. I fell down and landed on my butt with the pointy end of the key facing my butt. I'm pretty sure I screamed and screamed. It hurt like hell. I do remember picking myself up and the skates dangling from my angles as I walked home, crying. I don't believe I ever used the roller skates after that day. Now looking at them, they do seem pretty dangerous.

 Now a song from my past. Have a great day... and never put your roller skate key in your back pocket.


So what childhood activity have you given up?


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