A Thought for Thursday

Isn't this a great quote?   And it makes me wonder, what am I doing with my wild and precious life?. 

There was frost on my car this morning.  Yes frost, really, really, thick frost.  I know Spring is here, the trees are finally budding up, but the weather is being uncooperative.  And my Springtime allergies have arrived.  Please, let warm weather arrive too.

Hope your Thursday was fantastic.   


Jackie said…
I pray for relief for you regarding those allergies.
They can make one feel miserable.
Unbelievable that there was frost on your windshield!!
Spring, come quickly to Angie!!
Angie at Home said…
lol... thanks Jackie. Hope you and yours have a fantastic weekend. My sister, Melinda, and her son are coming over for a visit tomorrow.
Jackie said…
Enjoy your visit with Melinda and your nephew. Have a beautiful weekend!!

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