Advice on Chat -- Don't send the chat to the person you are gossiping about.

So have you ever received a sametime chat at work from someone (let's say your coworker) and that this chat is about you and they send it to you instead of the person they were talking with.  Would you confront them?  Would you reply back and ask them are you talking about me?  This happened to me yesterday.  I did respond back and said "Angela" has ... and answered their question.

And guess what?  No response.  Were they embarrassed?  Do they feel if they don't respond back then I would forgot?

Sometimes the petty office environment is just maddening.  I mean.. welcome to High School girlfriend.


Jackie said…
That has never happened to me, Angie. If it had, I would have been hurt by it.
Im sure that you handled it in a magnificent manner,...

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