Dreaming of a Shabby Chic Studio Apartment

Okay, I'm jumping ahead of myself.  I recently applied for a job in a town 88 miles one way from my home.   It's a job I know I would really enjoy, but over time I know I wouldn't want to make that drive every day.

My lease isn't up to this apartment until October 1st.  So, I was checking out studio apartments in the area and a shabby chic design just popped in my head.  I figured I could live there Monday through Thursday and then come home Friday through Sunday.  Once that idea hit my brain... WOW.. that's all I've been thinking about.

Here are a few ideas of how I would love my little studio apartment to look.

I would want it to be white with pastels, airy and dreamy.  

I would want to have a little table (white or cream of course) where I could craft to my heart's delight.

I want it to be filled with ruffles and flounces and sparkly things.

I want it to be filled with things I love, not too cluttered.

And I want it to be filled with plants and flowers and having a nice little patio area would just be peachy.

And I would love to have one of these things....

I know, I know, I need to land the job first.  But if this job doesn't pan out, the dream of my own shabby chic studio will not die.


Olivia said…
Gosh, EB, I hope that if it's right for you that you get it. That's a big change after so long in one place! I hope you get your dreams one way or another...xoO
Angie at Home said…
Thanks so much Olivia! I have 3 interviews on Wednesday for this position. Yikes... I'm excited and nervous.
Patty said…
What does hubby and son think?

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