Happy Friday Everyone!!

This has been a long week.  I've been so tired lately.  Then at my recent doctor's appointment discovered that my thyroid is underactive again.

So at least that explains the tiredness.  Hope you have a super weekend.  I might just be sleeping for the next 48 (now you know that's impossible).


Jackie said…
Tried to post a comment but am having trouble.
Not sure if it is Blogger or some other problem.
Have a lovely weekend.
Feel better, my friend!
Angie at Home said…
Probably because I had to put a filter on to stop a spammer leaving gross comments about penis enhancement.
Jackie said…
Ugh....don't we get enough junk mail in our mail boxes already! ...and those annoying telemarketer calls......now junk in your blog commenting!! Enough already!!
I was finally able to comment. I do hope you are taking meds for your thyroid, and I hope that you feel better very very soon!

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