Rain & Hail --- Oh My

We came home this afternoon and saw a purple umbrella beside our pond.  On closer inspection there was a little boy under the umbrella.

Now it was raining pretty heavy; and more scary --- the lightning was fast, close by and loud.

I don't really think he was trying to stay dry.  He lives several buildings over.  I think he was just having fun in the rain.

He eventually dropped the plastic bag and took off, actually he took off but ran the opposite direction of his home.

Even the geese were out enjoying the rain.

And about 10 minutes late, the hail began.


Jackie said…
Tremendous photos, Angie.
I do hope the little boy arrive home safely. Looks like he was having a great time in the rain!!
Patty said…
Wonder what he had in his plastic bag. Most kids don't want to be out when there is lightening and thunder.

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