It's all fun and games until the lion turns around and bites off your head.

Are the planets out of alignment because my day feels like someone has removed my head.  Or maybe I've entered a parallel universe where everything sucks and you are surrounded by idiots, gas prices remain high and traffic from 675 to 35 is majorly backed up.  The patient scheduled 15 minutes before me, sat in her car until I pulled up.  She got into the doctor's office 30 seconds before me and SCREAMED that the front door had been locked.  Now she was able to get into the office without anyone running to the door to unlock it.  She just assumed because the blinds were drawn that no one was there.   So that made me have to wait.  And I waited and waited while she literally was crying when the nurse poked her arm to try to get blood from her after she stated that the NEW nurse wasn't able to do that last week.  After about 10 minutes they must have gotten the blood.  I heard the nurse say she needed a urine specimen.  Of course the woman couldn't take the cup but said and I quote "well I'll just sit here and drink this water because I don't have to go now".   Meantime the next appointment arrived.

Finally the nurse said I need to see other people and came to get me to give me my B-12 shot.  However, I said "no, you're suppose to get a blood sample so my B-12 can be tested before you give me an injection."  That meant the nurse had to go get the blood stuff and which meant that I couldn't sit in the blood draw desk.  Thankfully she got my blood, gave me a shot on my ass... and I left.

Only to get stuck in traffic leaving 675 and entering 35.  I mean it was so far backed up, I circled around the entrance and back to the exit ramp and got back on 675 heading the other direction   I drove down to The Greene exit and then came to work down Stroop.  Oh, do you know there are 3 schools during that route and I had to inch along at 20 miles per hour.  I finally arrived at work and someone had the audacity to park in my spot.  Not my first choice and not my second choice but my 3rd parking choice.   Geesh!  It might not really be my spot.... but I like to think it is.

Hope your Tuesday had a better start than mine.


Jackie said…
The patient before you was selfish...and sounds immature. Makes me fume to read about what she did (and didn't do.)
I'm sorry that you had such a day, Angie. Days like today make evenings like tonight ones to look forward to...
Sending you even greater bigger hugs than before...

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