Today Melinda and Noah dropped by for lunch.  At the last moment instead of ordering takeout from China Cottage we purchased the grilled brats at Dorothy Lane Market.  Well usually DLM have great food when they do their cookouts, but today the brat sort of sucked.

Melinda showed me the journals she is working on.  She does really great work.  Noah spent his afternoon playing on his computer.

Gary was sleepy  -- and tried to take a nap.

The goose did finally laid her eggs in a nest beside our patio.  Somehow the end of a broom ended up beside her nest.

Hopefully some kid wasn't out there poking her with it.   Tonight Gary went out to retrieve it and throw it out.   Of course the male goose comes charging across the pond to protect his female.

Then the goose spread his wings and slapped Gary on the ass as he grabbed the broom.

I fed the goose and she got off her nest.  Poor thing seemed very hungry.


Jackie said…
Those Daddy and Mama geese are protective! :))
Great shots of the act of kindness in progress. Sorry that Gary got goose swiped...but glad that the good deed was done.
Have a lovely Sunday.

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