Celebrating Mother's Day with Mom and Grandma C

Today I took Mom and Grandma C to lunch at Red Lobster in Richmond, IN.  Grandma looked so nice today.

Red Lobster always give you a little too much food... but we do enjoy the shrimp.

Go Mom Go

Me and Grandma... 56 and 90.   She's been one of my favorite peeps for my entire life.  I loved spending time at her house when I was a little girl.

Mom, Me and Grandma

Mom, Becky and Grandma.....

Margaret and Audrey also came for lunch.  I kept trying to take a picture of Becky and Margaret, but Margaret always blinks right when you snap the picture.

Becky and Margaret

Margaret and Audrey

Me and Grandma -- Love, love, love her.


Jackie said…
You have a beautiful family, Angie.
Your love of your Grandmother is something that can never be taken from you. It sounds like she has been in the center of your heart since you were a very young girl.
She is beautiful...and certainly doesn't look 90. Give her hugs for me.

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