Saturday lament

This cough is maddening.   Early morn and 8:00 pm; it begins.  You cough and cough and cough until you think you might just pass out from coughing so much.

I can see why old people die from crap like this.

On the bright side, Gary and I went into the office today to move my desk to another location (the original location from over a year ago).  So when I start back to work on June 3rd, I'm ready to go.

Gary and I tried out "Shish" yesterday for lunch.  I had a "shish" chicken wrap.  It was pretty damn good.  We also "shish" fries which were fresh fries loaded with feta, garlic, olive oil and parsley.

I'm a freak about feta; I love it.  I can't get enough of it... so I was overjoyed to see the server piling on the feta.  Gary said "they must know you".


Jackie said…
Oh no!!
I was hoping that by this time you would not only be better, but that you would be well!
Cold! Be GONE from Angie!!!

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