A New Product Love: Neutrogena Pre-moistened Towelettes

I found a fantastic product to use to remove my make-up.  Confession time:  I use to remove my eye make-up the next day.  And I never washed my face with any product except water.  The problem is I use waterproof mascara so in order to remove it I had to use an oily eye make-up remover.  And that left oily residue on my eyelashes and it made reapplying eye make-up difficult.  Then I found the above.  And now before I go to bed I use this product and then in the morning I'm ready to slap that make-up back on my face.

Anyway... I just had to share this product.  Target even sales a travel size of 7 pre-moistened towelettes for $1.97 which is a great way to try the product to see if it will work out for you.

Happy Monday!


Jackie said…
You go girl!
Makeup? What's that?? :)))

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