Friday Night Stormy Sky

Every time I write "friday" night I spell it as "fright night".  I wonder what that means.  I mean it's happened 3 times already.

Anyway after supper I happened to notice that the sky was getting so dark and then the sun just popped through the clouds.  It seemed much brighter against the dark sky.

It was pretty breathtaking actually.  It was creepy too; like right before a massive alien ship comes out of the sky.

And then the dark clouds rolled away.... and it didn't rain after all.

Now I'm sitting on the patio and I'm watching lightning bugs and listening to crickets chirp.  I thought crickets chirp in the Fall... not in June.

Good Night and hope you had a great day!


Jackie said…
I miss lightning bugs; we used to have a lot of them here. They are gone (pesticides??..)
I see them in North Carolina (western) and the sight of them brings back happy memories.

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