Happy Birthday to Me again....

Tie-Dye Birthday party was today.  But first the cake... chocolate with buttercream frosting... it was so moist and good.

We had lunch from China Cottage and then the cake.  Afterwards we went outside to tie-dye.  I'll share those photos tomorrow.  Hope you had a great Saturday like I did.


Olivia said…
I'm glad you had a great birthday, EB! Happy happy birthday again, yay! xoO
Jackie said…
What a happy day!!
Beautiful smile...and a gorgeous cake. That cake looks double yummy!
Angie at Home said…
Thanks so much Olivia --and yes, I love to celebrate it all month long.

Thank you Jackie. The cake was so good. We usually get our cakes from this bakery, but it was especially good today.

Hope you both are having great weekends.


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