IKEA Saturday

Went to IKEA; I love that place.  Becky and Margaret also was there so we went exploring together.

I loved these paper lantern lights.  Now I'm not sure how practical it would be in a room, but it looked like a sea creature suspended in air.

Then I came across this art.  Everytime I come to IKEA, I always stop at this canvas.

I think it's beautiful and I love the colors in it.  But walking over that bridge terrifies me... so I'm also somewhat confused why this art calls me.

We then had a very nice time at lunch.  The weather was rainy but we ate outside (it was covered from the rain) and had a really good time.


Jackie said…
I love the canvas, too...something soothing about it, to me.
It rained here all week; it's been a dismal week (weather wise, but I can't complain. We needed the rain.)
Sending you hugs,
Angie at Home said…
Thanks Jackie. I actually love the rain, it's the humidity I honestly don't enjoy.

Have a super week.

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