Pool Party

The first day of summer and a pool party.... what a nice way to begin the weekend.  Gary and I went over to the party, little cupcake decided to take a nap.

The usual grilled items, pasta salads, an amazing fresh fruit salad and those killer brownies from Dorothy Lane Market.  We grabbed our eats and headed downstairs to the pool.

Gary decided not to get into the pool.  There were 20 little kids splashing about.  Their parents were drinking adult beverages and the kids were so "freaking" loud.

This kid came up to our table and saw my camera and asked if I could take his picture.  I asked his Mom and will email her the pics.

Ah, the first day of summer... Gary always gets a tad bit frisky.  Meoooooow.


Jackie said…
Enjoy summer time, my friend!!!

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