Words to Live By

Aren't these words true?  My Grandmother saves everything for a special occasion.  She has beautiful candles but won't light them because she wants to save them for a special occasion.  In the meantime the candles have grown thick with dust and start looking a little shabby.  She does the same thing with pretty shirts or jewelry; always waiting for that special occasion.

I use to be like that.  I have to fight hard against the urge to save something for a special occasion.  I guess that's just how I was reared. 

Every day of your life is a special occasion because you are here to enjoy it, to savor each moment, to love others.  So many times we forget this.  We get caught up in that day-to-day living that we forget how to live.

So maybe today you can just take a few moments today to celebrate your life; mark it as a special occasion.  I think you might just enjoy it.


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