A day spent with my Uncle Sonny

Today was rainy and cloudy, but we headed over to Wayne Lakes to visit with my Uncle Sonny.  All the family was coming over for a cook-out and to enjoy each other's company.

Margaret waving Hi.

Sonny was busy using a leaf blower to try to get the rain water off the decks and sitting out dry seat cushions.

Becky and Sonny

Margaret and Becky

There was so much food and everything tasted so good.  Sonny even made some homemade icecream.

Even Grandma C came.  I was so happy to see her there.

My beautiful Grandma

After lunch partners paired up to go out on the lake in Sonny's paddle boats.

Gary and Alex

Noah and Debbie

Becky and Margaret
Mom and Grandma

and Me -- the tree lover.

I love this picture of Gary and Alex just relaxing.

I love Uncle Sonny's home.. it matches him.. filled with love and interesting items.  Since the ground was wet, I didn't make it over to the fairy cottage but plan on going back real soon.

We all had a great day.


Jackie said…
It looks like all of you had a great time. So nice to see sunshine!
I haven't had homemade ice cream in decades. I miss that wonderful taste. No "store bought" ice cream can even come close to homemade's delicious flavor.
You have a beautiful family, Angie.
Thank you for sharing these photos. Lovely....

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