A Summer Picnic

I always love the idea of a summer picnic.  But then the thought of the heat, humidity and bugs enter my brain and well, I would rather eat inside an air-conditioned room.

But a summer picnic sounds romantic and fun and I do want to have one.  As a little kid, my Aunt Nancy would drive down to visit us and we would load up all the kids and head to Golden Gate Park.  We would have a cooler thermos of kool-aid; bologna sandwiches, apples and chips.  And we had lots and lots of fun. The heat, the humidity and all those bugs didn't bother me then.

I came across some images of what I would like my summer picnic to be.

Naturally you would need a large wicker basket or picnic hamper to haul your meal.  Chicken salad with large purple grapes, fresh strawberries so juicy and sweet and a yummy pasta salad would be in my basket. Since I no longer drink kool-aid I would bring a wine cooler, or some icy frozen lemonade.  What would you fill in your basket?

Picnics are little celebrations in nature so I would hang pretty lanterns from the tree branches.  Wouldn't that be festive?  And what about at night?  The soft glow from the light making the landscape a magical event. Have you ever had a picnic in the dark?  Wouldn't that be fun?

And of course if you could have your picnic beside a brook or stream that would be very special.  I remember picnics up in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah (when I attended BYU).  We would place our soda cans in the stream to keep them icy cold.  The sound of water is so just relaxing.  I would definitely want to include that on my picnic event.

But maybe a picnic in the Fall would be better.  It would be cooler, the trees would be beautiful and the bugs seem to be sluggish.

And since it's harvest time, you could bring warms soups and roasted root veggies and maybe a warm apple cider.

Hmmm... I think an Autumn picnic would be perfect for me.  Would you like to come?


Jackie said…
I would love it, Angie...
What an idyllic scene you paint.
I love the animated stream you have in your blog today. How lovely.
What would I put in my picnic basket...Hmmm. Well, I think that my favorite picnic sandwich is deviled eggs...and of course, I can hardly EVER pass up Bar B Q potato chips. I am trying to be a good girl and not eat any chips, so thinking about them right now is making me hungry. :)) I would love a very cold Dr. Pepper (or two)...and again, I haven't had a carbonated beverage since January 1 of this year. It is a resolution of mine, and one I have been able to keep (so far)...but again, typing this to you makes me want one. I will resist, however.
Your picnic basket items are much more beautiful and a lot fancier than ones I would probably be able to take...but if one dreams, one should dream big. So, you go girl!
Lovely picnic items... Enjoy our virtual picnic!
Patty said…
Like the Fall picnic idea, cooler weather. Could possibly roast hot dogs.

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