A visit with Beckett and Brielle

Beckett is 2 years old.  He's an active little boy.  I think he pulled every book from his book shelf to share with me.  Unfortunately I was only allowed to read about 2 sentences before he delivered the next book.  But he actually played with me and shared his raisin cookies with me.

Now little Brielle just snuggled in my arms and fell asleep pretty quickly.  She catnapped for about 30 minutes and then woke up.  She has a very sweet nature and entertains herself.  Her Mom, Kumiko, placed Brielle in her little jumping seat and that little girl can jump.  She loves to laugh and when she sleeps she makes little talking sounds. 

A great afternoon; perhaps I'm ready for grandchildren.  Oh Alex.....


Jackie said…
Angie...if Beckett shared a cookie with you, you have ARRIVED! You are certainly special. :))
Love the snuggles that you got with Brielle. Both children are precious!

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