Hot Monday

Today was hot and humid; a typical July day in Ohio.  I decided to go to Cox Arboretum to take pictures of the turtles there.  Unfortunately I didn't think about changing my clothes before I went.  So I arrived at the park just a little after Noon wearing blue jeans, full pant length blue jeans.

The turtles were out.  Sunny themselves on drift wood and logs.

They seem to enjoy the hot weather.  I was really sweating by the time I walked through the park.  I mean I was sweating in places I didn't even know could sweat.

But the turtles seem to be enjoying the heat.  They were spread eagle, lifting their heads up to the breeze.

One pond (pictured above) was really mossy and quite green.  The other pond was just dark and dingy looking... very hard to see the huge koi in the pond.. but I did see this guy swimming to a piece of wood.

An art class was being held here today; lots of students running around the park with large pads of paper drawing.. I snapped this guy secretly.

You can really see his art piece; but he was doing a really good job with his chalk.


Jackie said…
Angie...I love these photos. I do hope that you will do more and share with me (us.) Wonderful job!
It is so hot and humid here, too. The heat index is high and perspiration rules right now. Ugh!
But...even though you were hot and sweaty, you took some mighty fine photos, my friend!!!
Those turtles actually look like they are posing for you in some of the shots!!!
Angie at Home said…
I really like turtles.... and yes, in your neck of the woods I bet you have some humid weather.

Have a super week and thanks for dropping by.
Patty said…
Turtles looked like they were trying to cool off also. I thought it was just me thinking it was so hot.

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