Oh No Mr. Bill, a Pistol and some Moonshine

So this afternoon went to Tina's farm for a birthday bash and I got to shoot a pistol.  I was shocked by the noise and the weight of the gun.  And my thumb got snagged by something and bled (I'm on a blood thinner). But I did enjoy the experience and would like to do this again.

And I finally had the opportunity to pose my Mr. Bill with a gun.  If you recall I had asked a policeman that frequents the muffin shop if he could take his gun out and act like he was going to shoot Mr. Bill.  He said he couldn't do that.... so after a two year wait.... it finally happened.

The blood on Mr. Bill's face was from my dripping thumb.

Another first for me tonight was sampling some moonshine which was pretty nasty and strong.  Although I did enjoy the moonshine cherries in 7-up and lemonade.

Unbelievable weather for the end of July.  People were actually putting sweaters on to ward off the chill.  

I think we all had a great time.


Jackie said…
Poor ole Mr. Bill....

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