Scatter Thoughts on Sunday

In less than a week I will be moving. We seem to be overflowing with stacked Rubbermaid containers filled with stuff to take to the new place. I do enjoy moving every 2 to 3 years and we do have moving down to a science. But I'm thankful for Gary who is very critical to a perfect move.

Also this week, August 27th, my baby boy turns 21. The last 21 years has flown by and it's hard for me to imagine being a mother to an adult man. But there it is. My baby will be "legal".

I hope you're having a great weekend. I've spent it celebrating Colin and Alex turning 21 at Red Lobster and than numerous trips to Target and Walmart (I know, I know, I never go to Walmart) purchasing all those things needed for a move.

Hope you have a great upcoming week. Mine will be filled with Tina's birthday luncheon on Monday, Leslie's going away lunch on Tuesday, Alex turning 21 on Tuesday, packing the kitchen on Wednesday, packing the bathrooms on Thursday and moving all the TVs and computers to new house on Friday so everything is in place with AT&T arrives to reinstall U-verse and then the movers arrive at 2:00 pm on Saturday.

I'm thankful it's a 3 day weekend so we have plenty of time to unpack. Happy Week!


Melinda said…
it is amazing to me too how quick you can move...and then have everything unpacked and entirely put away and where it belongs in a day or two. I still have things not unpacked from when we moved back in 2006. I still need to go through things....clean things out...and either make room for them or part with some things. I guess I have a lot more STUFF than you and less help in putting it all away lol

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