Sunday, Sunday

Today was busy, busy, busy.

Then Gary and I stopped at Target.  We got some sodas and a sugar pretzel.  Gary helped this little boy reach a lid and to retrieve a straw.  The father thanked us.  We began a conversation and ......

On my gosh... this man had been on Doomsday Preppers.  He told me the episode he was on, and locally he has these drones that the police use.  Since I loved that show it was interesting talking to him about prepping, etc.

So I went online and there's a group from my area that meets to talk about prepping, etc.  Who knew?

We had a late supper and Alex and I watched True Blood.  Can I say how boring this show has become?  I mean, I was an avid fan.  I have the DVDs, I've read all the books.  But this might be the year they lose me as a viewer.  It's that bad.

Could this be the finale for me?


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