09/15 - Family Birthday Party for Alex and Sunflowers

Everyone came over to our house today to celebrate Alex turning 21.  Alex finally got his "icecream" cake from DQ.

I still can't believe my babe is 21.

After dinner we went to the sunflower fields.... Mom and Dad sat in the car....

It was windy... look at my hair.

My sister Becky:

My sister Melinda and Noah

And my sister Melissa and Audrey

I figured Dad wouldn't be able to go outside due to his breathing so I snapped pictures inside.  Here's Dad:


Jackie said…
Happy birthday to Alex!
(You could be getting old, Angie...whaddya think! :)) )
You did a great job with the photos. It is wonderful to have your family members to share in the birthday and to have photo opportunities with the sunflowers. They made for great portraits in each case.
So glad to see Mr. Abe and Mrs. Patty there. They are both dear to me.
You have a lovely family.
Thank you for sharing these photos with me.
Angie at Home said…
Thanks Jackie.... How was your anniversary trip?

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