09/24 - Coming Home from Work

On my way home tonight, at the very last minute I decided to turn left on Rt. 725 instead of going straight on Rt. 741.

I had no idea why I went that way.  There are a lot of traffic lights and it gets congested around the Dayton Mall area.

After one traffic light the car in front of me wasn't moving.  When she finally began moving she veered off the side of the road.  I assumed she was having car problems.  And then she drove into the ditch.  I was talking to Emily at the time (via Bluetooth) and I screamed "oh my god, I think she's dead".  As the woman in the car had flopped over onto the passenger side of the car.

I parked my car, avoided getting hit by oncoming traffic and ran down to the side of the ditch yelling at the woman if she was okay.

She finally sat upright and without acknowledging me she just floored her car.  I jumped back and then my life went into slow-mo.  As I got back up to my car for a moment I thought she was coming up out of the ditch and heading towards my car.  Instead she drove over a huge sewer drain and then a large cement drainage thingy.  Her car came to a stop in the turn lane going into TGIF and Sake.

Again I ran up to her car and asked her if she was okay.  She finally saw me.  Her eyes were completely blank.  She grabs my arm and held tight and told me I was so beautiful.  I responded by telling her what had happened and if she was okay.

She passed out... so I got back in my car to call 911.  But before I could do that, Emily called me back to see what lady had died.  I told her briefly what happened and that I had to call 911.  She said she was close by and would come wait with me.

I called 911 and in giving the dispatch the woman's license plate I realized she had a "yellow plate".  The dispatch operator said he would send a police over.

I went back to the car.  The woman was not awake... so I stood there waiting.  Cars drove past, no one stopping.  I found this surprising.  I mean it was rush hour traffice and no one stopped.

The woman began to move in the car.  I went back to her.  Her car was still running and there was liquid running out of the car.  At this point in time her shirt was up around her neck.  Again I told her "Honey let's pull our shirt down".  She couldn't move her hands.  I then asked her if she could turn her car off because her car was leaking fluid.  She said she just wanted to go home and to bed.  She finally was able to get the car off.  I was relieved because there was a large metal pole in front of her and I was afraid she would floor the engine and get hit.

Emily arrived right before the police.  I was thankful to see her because I was pretty upset.  Emily came beside me while the police talked to the woman.  First question:  "Are you drunk?"  Her response "I'm really drunk".

They tried getting her out of the car, she resisted and the next thing I knew she was laying beside the car in the dirt and gravel.  This was very upsetting to me.

Then they tried getting her in the back of the police car.  She could not walk.  They dropped her.  They finally got her sort of erect and a third officer grabbed her along with the other 2, and they carried her by her legs and arms to the back of the car.

Meanwhile I gave them my "witness" report.  In her car they discovered two empty vodka bottles and the biggest wine carafe I've ever seen.

I have never seen anyone this drunk.  I have never seen anyone pass out on and off like this woman.  This woman needs help.  I'm asking for your prayers and healing thoughts.  To drink that much alcohol this woman must really be hurting.  I'm thankful she didn't hit anyone.  I'm thankful that I was at the right spot at the right time.  I think by talking to her in a gentle manner kept her from driving away.  I'm thankful she was able to turn her car off.

Once I got home I told Hubby what had happened and to drive him back to the scene so he could see her car.  The towing truck was there and was taking her Grand Am somewhere.

I'm hoping the police took her to the hospital just to make sure she didn't have alcohol poisoning.


Jackie said…
Angie...This sounds like a dream! ( a nightmare, actually.)
I'm so glad that the situation turned out as well as it did.
You are right; if she was drinking that much, there had to be an underlying reason. My prayers for her situation...whatever that might be.
I've never seen anyone drunk; I wouldn't have known what was wrong with her either, and I am so glad that you had a calming effect on her. Bless you for all you did.
Patty said…
I can't imagine anyone drinking that much at one time, but then perhaps she had been drinking all day and apparently she's done it before to have the yellow license plate. I'm just thankful she didn't run you down or hit your car. Perhaps you were sent that way to keep her from harming others, who knows, but she could have ended up harming you. Love you, next time just call 911 and tell them where the car is at.

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