09/02 - Unpacked and Ready to Go

Everything is unpacked.  I'm very thankful for that.  Now it's just going to take a few days to settle into a new routine and to remember where we put things.

Here's a little video of the living room/dining room area.

The fireplace:

My bathroom:

The bathroom across from one of Alex's bedrooms (yes he has two [ one to sleep in and one for his TV and computer])

Bedroom dresser with picture Grandma C gave me since I loved the picture when I was a little girl.

My bed, turned down because I'm about ready to crash...


Jackie said…
How pretty everything looks, Angie!
I'm so glad you included the video. I hope you will do that more often. I enjoyed it very much.
I love hearing your voice. You sound so happy.
I, too, have Longeberger. Aren't they wonderful baskets!
I'm so glad that you are unpacked. Everything looks beautiful, and I thank you for sharing the new home's interior view with me. I love it.

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