10/12 - Yellow Springs Street Fair

Today my sisters Melissa and Becky and my niece Audrey went to Yellow Springs for their street fair.  The weather was actually perfect for an outing.

I went into The House of Ravenwood Tarot Card Reading for a session.  I've never been to one before and I must say my reading was "right-on".  I mean it really, really was.

For lunch I had a huge juicy grilled pork chop.   Oink... Oink... I gave thanks to the pig that provided this meal.  It was delish.

Audrey also went to have her cards read at The House of Ravenwood and it was a pretty "right-on" reading too.

Audrey purchased this hat at the street fair.  She seemed to really love it.

And can you believe I didn't really take any pictures with my camera which I lugged with me (I used my phone instead)... but here's a pic I snapped with my camera.


Jackie said…
Well....with a result like that, you didn't need your camera.
Awesome photo with your phone!

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