10/24 - Bye Bye

I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch today.  Nature called as the meal ended so I went to the restroom.  Upon finishing, I stood to flush the toilet.  My Silpada bracelet slipped off my wrist and fell into the toilet.  For a brief moment retrieving it flashed through my mind, but the toilet was an automatic flusher and the suction of that toilet was incredible.

My beautiful bracelet was sucked into the void; may it rest in peace.

I did have a great lunch.  I love their chicken and dumplings...


Jackie said…
Oh no!!
But, like you...I wouldn't have gone "there" to get my bracelet, either.
I'm so sorry, though.
Hugs to you,
Angie at Home said…
Oh just a funny live moment.... but maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.. Hmmmm??

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