10/29 - Grandma's Grape Jelly

When I was a little girl I loved staying at my Grandma C's home.  I loved being around her.  We would do so many fun things together and she always seemed to have time for me.  Even though my Grandpa was mean and domineering to her, I so enjoyed the time spent with her when he wasn't around.

I remember Grandma making grape jelly.  It seemed like a long and complicated process.  The fun part was going outside and gathering the grapes from the arbor. The grapes would turn your fingers purple.

Her kitchen was always hot and I will always remember that smell as the grapes simmered down to a gooey purple mixture to be placed inside jam jars.

I actually hate concord grapes now.  But back then they were pretty awesome or maybe it was just being able to help Grandma make her jelly.


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