11/12 - Day 12 of 30 Days of Gratitude

I must say I'm thankful for snow.  I know, I know, I'm the weird one.  I think snow is beautiful, especially at night when the moon's reflection glistens on the white surface.  I love to be curled up with a comfy blanket and just watch the snow fall.  I love to take walks in the snow, especially if no one else has been there and the snow is fresh.

This morning I was like a kid and rushed to the window when I woke up.  Ah, it snowed, just like the weatherman stated.

I stopped over to Cox Arboretum this morning on my way to work to snap this picture with my phone.  I wanted to stay.  It was so quiet.  A large magical blanket of white covered everything and yet the Autumn leaves were dangling from the branches, not quite ready to give them up.


Beth Niquette said…
Yes! Yes! YES! We are sisters of the soul when it comes to snow. I am wishing and wishing for snow this winter--it probably won't get here--beings as I live in the Independence Vortex where it just sits and sogs. However, I am endlessly hopeful. (grin)
Patty said…
Yes, we ended up with a lot of snow on a lot of fallen leaves. The patio is completely covered again, I was going to sweep them into a pile, then get out the hand held thing that sucks them up and grinds them to, but it throws out so much dust, I knew I would probably end up sneezing all night. More later.

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