Christmas Luncheon, a White Elephant and Happy Hour

Today was a busy day.  Kumiko and I went to City Barbeque to pick up lunch.  Then we stopped over to Ele to pick up dessert... and then back to the workplace because there were lots of hungry peeps waiting for us.

At 3:00 pm it was time for the White Elephant exchange.  I stole a Creme Brulee Torch Set from Marlene, who then stole it back from me but I was victorious and now the little torch set belongs to me.  And I can't wait to use it.  Thanks so much Kumiko..... I'll put it to good use.

After work we gathered at Carmen's for some adult beverages.  Well except for me.  My blood is too thin at the moment (3.8) so I drank Diet Pepsi.  It's nice to gather away from the office and talk and laugh and just be goofy (which is very easy for me to do).

Miss Emily was able to join us.  We miss her and was happy she dropped by.  I love her short hair.

And here's Marlene and Angie.....almost everyone was in red tonight except for me and Emily.  Although Emily had a pink sequined reindeer on her chest.

I've got some great friends!  Unfortunately Tina was deep in conversation and I didn't get a photo with her. :(


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