December 30 - My Grandma Celebrates her 91st Birthday.

Today was a special day; the anniversary of my Grandmother's birth.  She is now 91 years old.

Since I had the day off work; I picked up some lunch for Grandma and me and went over to her house.  She was surprised that I brought along a big birthday cake, birthday balloons and of course a birthday hat.

Her cake was from Ele'.  They do have some of the best icing in Montgomery County.

Grandma received lots of presents and cards filled with love.  This is one of my presents.  I hope she wears them, they sparkle so nice.

And here are two pictures of me and Grandma; of course I had to be just a little goofy in one of those pics.

Here's my Mom and my Grandmother:

Even Audrey was able to celebrate her great grandmother's birthday......

So I just want to spend out birthday blessings to my Grandmother... I hope 2014 brings her much joy, good health and lots and lots of love.


Beth Niquette said…
She is such a lovely woman. Your family is wonderful. Have a lovely new year, Angie! And Happy Birthday to your precious Grannie.
Jackie said…
She is beautiful.
I have nothing but admiration for her and wish her a blessed 2014.
Thank you for sharing these photos, Angie.

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