I came across the below photo the other day at a Finnish blog.  Isn't the tree cookie beautiful?  Now I'm on the search for the recipe and the cookie cutters.  What an adorable little tradition to add to our Holiday season.

What are your holiday traditions?  

Until my Grandfather passed, we would always gather at their house on Christmas eve.  Grandma would bake a ham that was the best you'll ever had.  And before we would leave their house, we would have to wait until Grandpa presented us with a huge candy cane.

When Alex was little we always put out a plate of cookies for Santa and 9 carrots for the reindeer.  But than he reached that age where we stopped doing it.  

I hate to say this but we really don't have many traditions left for Christmas.  Gary does fix "horseshoe cookies" which seems labor intensive but Alex loves them.  He has to grind 2 pounds of nuts and with my geographic tongue I simply can't eat more than one.

We do have traditions for other holidays but for some reason (I'm thinking because hubby works 3rd shift at the hospital and he seems to work the holidays every other year) we really have very few for Christmas.

Oh, we do usually go out for Chinese food on Christmas eve.   That's a new tradition which started about 5 years ago. 


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