Oh Christmas Tree

When I first moved out of my parent's home and had my own apartment, I always purchased cut Christmas trees.  I would spend hours making garlands of popcorn and cranberries for the tree.  I would spend hours placing the lights and the ornaments in just the perfect place.

Once I purchased a 10 foot blue spruce for my apartment.  It was massive.  I finally had it decorated to perfection and I went to bed.  Around 3:00 am the next morning I heard a huge crash.  I thought someone had broken into my apartment.  I went to investigate.  The Christmas tree had fallen and was laying diagonally in the living room.  I began to cry.  The tree was too heavy for me to pick up.  I had to wait until Bill could come set the tree up for me.  So I would come home from work and plug in the tree that was laying on the floor and tried to enjoy it.

After that, I stopped buying cut trees and moved to artificial.  But from time to time when I see a little Christmas like the one below, I do get a longing to buy a little one.

I also love the little canister winter scene that's happening to the left of the tree.


Melinda said…
I love real trees too....always want to get one...but because of Opie I doubt it would work out. BUT I have thought about getting a small one like you show here....and put it in my office. I need to do that next year! OH..remember when we went to get a real tree in the back of my Gremlin and it was cold and the window was froze shut....the back window in the car...and I tried to open it by forcing it and it shattered? Well at least it made it easy to get the tree in and out of the car lol

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