-32 Wind Chill

We got lucky, only 2 inches of snow but very icy roads from yesterday's rain. I got to work at 9:00 a.m., opened the office door and was greeted by cold, cold air.  The temperature was around 60 degrees.   But the office got colder as the temperature dropped outside.  By 1:00 pm I was working like this:

I called building maintenance but they never showed up.  The entire 2nd floor was experiencing very cold temps.

I'm hoping tomorrow the heat will be on in the office.


Patty said…
I'm surprised they didn't bring in some electric heaters.
Jackie said…
Love your fingerless gloves....
but shake my head that you have to wear them inside.
I'm so sorry, Angie...
I hope that things get fixed and that it warms up soon.

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