Dr Oz

Several years ago I was flipping through the channels and came across Dr. Oz.  At that moment he was talking about 5 pains you should never ignore.  One of those pains were calf pains which I was experiencing at that time.  The word "blood clot" came up.  I looked at my husband and said "do you suppose I have a blood clot"?  Of course hubby thought I was just being paranoid.

The next day at work I could barely breathe when I walked.  I finally went to the doctor later that day.  By then, after 4 days of intense calf pain, my leg was swelling up and becoming red and hot.  She sent me immediately to the hospital.

And guess what?  I had a blood clot in my right leg and both lungs were filled with 100's of little clots.  I was lucky.  I survived.  My cardiologist (yes, this is when I inherited a cardiologist) said when he looked at my cat scan, he really thought he was looking at someone who had died from pulmonary embolisms.

I was home for 8 weeks while my clots began to dissolve, scared too death that I was a walking time bomb and one of the clots would break lose and I would either die, or have a major stroke.

And then I stopped watching Dr. Oz.
But last week I was home (remember when the office was an ice cube) and was flipping channels and rediscovered him.  I set my DVR and now each night I've been watching him again.  Some nights I fast forward a lot, but it's sort of amazing the things you learn on that show.

Have you watched him?  You should give it a try; he could even save your life.


Anonymous said…
Wow! What an experience! Glad you're OK now. I watch Oz every once in a while. I especially stop to watch when I see a commercial about something of interest. I've picked up a lot of interesting and helpful health tips from him. The other day I was at my endocrinologist's office and asked for a test mentioned on Dr. Oz. When I explained why I wanted the test and mentioned Oz's name to my doctor, he rolled his eyes and wasn't so nice with his words about Oz. My doctor seemed like such a hater. *shakes head*

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