Happy New Year and Welcome 2014

It finally has arrived.  A brand new year, a brand new you, a brand new list of possibilities just waiting to be discovered. It's like starting a new book, or a new journal....you don't know how the story will unfold, or what the pages will reveal.

I don't make resolutions for a New Year because every day is a new beginning... however, I do want to do the following things in 2014.

  1. Spend my time with my Grandmother.  I haven't been visiting her because my Uncle Mike lives with her and makes visiting with Grandma almost impossible.  However, if I call Grandma to let her know I'm coming over, Mike usually disappears.... so my goal is to visit her at least once a month.
  2. Read 100 books (since I did not accomplish this in 2013)
  3. Start a new job; my current job may or may not be here in 2014 and I'm tired of having an ax hanging over my head, never knowing when it will fall.
  4. Meet up with my friend Kathryn -- I haven't seen her in 17 or 18 years.  
  5. Plan a weekend get away with Gary of at least 4 days.
  6. Since Alex is 21 and spends a lot of time with friends, Gary and I need to spend more time together.  With his 3rd shift schedule sometimes that is hard to do; but for 2014 I'm planning on 2 date nights a month.
  7. Lose 50  75 pounds this year.  I'll report in monthly on how that is going.
  8. Follow my endocrinologist advice.  In 2013 I have not taken my vitamins, calcium, vitamin D that she has recommended.  Not sure why I'm protesting this advice; but I want to be healthy and build up my immune system so I will follow what she says.  I have an office visit with her at the end of the month.
  9. I want to do the 365 Photo Challenge this year.
  10. I stopped my addiction to Afrin nose spray in 2013. In 2014 I want to drink at least 20 ounces of water a day which would be an incredible huge step for me to take.  I just can't seem to get water down.
  11. I finally got all the pieces gathered to start Project Life scrapbook.  Now I just need to get pictures printed and get started.  I would really like to do a scrapbook for 2014.  
  12. And to discover the excitement and joy from helping so many family and friends when I win the huge Power Ball/Mega Million.... which ever comes first ::::wink...wink:::::

And to view my New Year's card to you, please click on the link blow:
Happy New Year


Jackie said…
Commendable goals, Angie.
I pray for continued health for you and your family.
Happiness and blessings to you and to those you love....
Melinda said…
sounds like a lot of goals! Mike is usually never there at grandma's anymore. He leaves in the morning and rarely comes back until way after suppertime
Patty said…
Makes you wonder then, why doesn't he just move back to his own house and get it over with. He must be afraid of something, but not sure what.

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