January 26th - A Snowy Sunday

I love Sundays.  The mornings are so quiet.  Normally I stop at Target to pick up the sales flyer for Gary (yes he's addicted to Target).  Then sometimes I take myself to lunch and I usually spend several hours at the bookstore, sipping Hot Cinnamon Spice tea and looking at magazines and books.

Today I discovered this book:

I enjoyed Robin on The Howard Stern show.  I didn't realize she had been sick and I didn't know anything about this book.  So I spent at least an hour skimming each chapter.  I think the subtitle "How Real Foods Saved My Life" pretty much summed up what I gleaned.  Actually I'm going to see if this book is available on Kindle... it was that good.

And then I ran my baby V through the carwash.  Problem encountered when the first wash bay took my money and the door never went up.  I then backed her up and went to the 3rd bay and had to pay again.  But at least she's mostly salt-free and I've left a voicemail at the carwash place requesting my money to be refunded.  As I was pulling into the 3rd bay; another vehicle paid at the first bay and again the doors did not opened.  I didn't have a piece of paper or a post-it to write "out-of-order" on the money thingy.

And my street, I swear a snow plow hasn't been down the street for days.   This is what it looks like today.

Now I'm preparing an Herb Roasted Pork Tenderloin for supper.  A new recipe I found online.  Hopefully it will be tasty.  I'm making a peach preserve reduction as a sauce to top the tenderloin with when it's finished roasting.


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