Saturday with Grandma

I had a great Saturday with my Grandma C.  Becky and I drove up to do a surprise visit.  She commented she hadn't been out of the house for 2 weeks.  She pulled on a pair of boots and donned a warm hat and off we went to Richmond Indiana for lunch.

Of course we stopped at Clara's.  She hadn't been there since Melissa's 16th birthday party which was like 24 years ago.

I still haven't eaten inside the bus.  Becky said it's sort of dirty and creepy and a huge step to get inside.

We ordered 3 orders of bread sticks and 2 small pizzas.  I must say no bread stick was left.

I must say the bread sticks were very, very good.

Grandma is so cute in her little hat.  Thanks for coming along Becky.   I think we all had fun.

And me.....

Then we stopped in Lewisburg and placed a few pieces of Brach's candy on Great Grandma Pelling's tombstone.  Then we headed to Brookville, so Grandma could visit with Mom.

Grandma seemed in good spirits and enjoyed her visit.
Mom took Grandma into the office and showed her pictures and videos that are on Facebook.

Pepper Jax just wanted malted milk balls.

I was trying to hide the malted milk balls, but Pepper Jax knew they were there.

Then Grandma and I dropped Becky off at her house and went to Lee's for chicken dinner.  Then back to Arcanum.


Melinda said…
so glad you took her out ...I bet she really had a great time!
Anonymous said…
A fun day for everyone. :-)
Jackie said…
What a great post, Angie!
I enjoyed seeing all these photos; your Grandmother looks does your Mother.
Obviously, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree 'cause you and Becky are lovely, as well.
Sweet Pepper Jax. Not a fairer J.R. in the bunch! And I know that he knows that you have those chocolate milk balls in your jaws. Yep. I think he knows it for sure.
So glad that your Grandmother could get out and about with her girls....I know that it meant the world to her, as it did to you.
Hugs and love,
Angie at Home said…
Yes it was a great day... and I was happy she wanted to get out and it surprised me how long she stayed out.

I'm on vacation this upcoming week so plan on spending a day with her. Unfortunately it snowed 3 inches last night... so I might just have to bring lunch to her.

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