Sunday - January 19th

I love Winter!  I love lots and lots of snow!  But this year I think I've had enough Winter.  I'm not sure if I mentioned that on the day it was 40 below zero; I hit a pot hole really hard.  After two days of driving my car and thinking something must be wrong with a tire; I took my car to the shop and my left strut and spring had broken.

Yesterday we received another three inches of snow.  And the temperature has really dropped.  I'm thankful I'm on vacation next week.  I do have to go out for a few doctor's visits and I'll be on the lookout for any pothole.

It's not surprising that I've been attracted to Spring images this morning (I'm currently wrapped in a blanket because the house feels chilly).  I thought I would share a few.

I actually found the DIY secret of how to hollow a light bulb and remove the white coating inside. I would like to give this idea a try.  But I have all those energy efficient light bulbs so I'll have to either buy a pack of this style or see if my Mom has any.

It's always promising to see flowers peeking out through the snow; almost screaming that Spring is on it's way.  I fear it will be a long time before we see any flowers peeking this year.

And even seeing a little chubby Robin, sitting on a branch that is beginning to bud, is such a welcome sign that Spring will soon be here.

But alas, it's January 19th and our 5-day forecast confirms Winter is here to stay.

I think I'll go out and make myself a nice hot cup of cinnamon tea.  I hope you have a great Sunday.  I plan on reading a new book; spending some time on my journal, hopefully take down the Christmas tree (it's been too cold to get all the Christmas boxes out of storage) and trying out a new recipe for dinner.


Melinda said…
I took our tree down finally last weekend when it was warmer..actually I finished it on Monday of this week. I just stuck a chicken Stove-top casserole in the oven
Jackie said…
Angie...It is so colllld where you are. I won't complain about 36 degrees any more. Not a word from me.
Your spring photos are cheerful, and I do hope that it warms up for you soon.
Regarding those light bulbs...better hurry. I read that they won't be available for sale much longer. Sigh....

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