Tuesday with Grandma

I knew it had snowed, but I didn't realize how bad it was until I got on the highway and traffic was moving at 50 mph instead of 65.

And as I traveled farther north and left the highway, the county roads in Darke County were getting drifted.

But driving a little bit slower and keeping both hands on the steering wheel I eventually arrived in Arcanum, home of Grandma C.

I brought Lee's Famous Recipe chicken for lunch (one of Grandma's favorites) and we had a very good visit.  Grandma was surprised that I had ventured out on a day like today; but I'm glad I did.


Anonymous said…
Glad you were able to make it to your grandma's safely and back. I'm sure she appreciated it.
Angie at Home said…
How much snow do you have in NY? It's been a very cold winter here; and can honestly say I'm so ready for Spring.
Anonymous said…
Hi Angie! I don't remember the exact amount but we've had too much snow. No more snow now, but it's very cold now. I'm with you about spring. :-)

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