Celebrating Love at Lunch at Logan's

Today we went out in the snow and had our Valentine's Day lunch at Logan's Steakhouse.  We have only been there one other time and that was the day they opened.  That outing was terrible; which we should have known not to go somewhere on opening day.

Anyway, we decided to try it again.  Because of all the snow the restaurant was not very busy at lunch.  Our waitress was very attentive.

Picture taken with my HTC One Phone.

Of course we did have to drink an adult beverage; actually none of us our "drinkers" but we did share a prickly pear cactus margarita.  And since this was our Valentine's Day lunch, the drink had to be pink.

Of course these type of places give you way too much food.  I told our waitress just to box up my potato because I figured with 6 oz of filet and grilled veggie kabob, I would save the potato for my dinner.

We had a great time.  Alex talked about how much he is enjoying his new job... which is always a plus. I have a great family; and I love these two guys so very much.  :)


Jackie said…
So glad that Alex is loving his new job. Makes a heart happy to hear that!
Hugs to you, Angie....

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