So I had this dream this morning:  someone gave me $100,000 and said I had one month to double it and anything beyond $200,000 I got to keep.  When I woke up I sort of glanced around for the money because the dream seemed so real.

I know money has been on my mind.  When I get my lump sum severance (52 weeks of pay) on April 30th, I want it to last as long as possible.  Maybe that's why I had the dream.  Anyone know how I can double my money?  :)

Today I'm going car shopping.  I'm going to stick with Nissan; but I might just purchase a Sentra instead of a Versa Note.  I love my little Baby V (2009 Versa) but we really need a third car since there are three drivers in the house and I figured it's better to make the purchase now while I'm still employed.

I will certainly save the spot below for a picture of my new car.  Alex is coming along with me (he loves test driving cars).

Hope you have a super Saturday.  It's suppose to be warm, with showers (possibly snow) tonight.  However, it will be warm again tomorrow.


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