The Tooth - A Final Farewell.

On  March 24th I went to the Dentist so he could fill a cavity that had been bugging him for almost a year.  I had a small hole in my back right jaw tooth.  Although there was a hole, it was not sensitive and since it wasn't bothering me I left it alone.  Well the Dentist finally wore me down and I succumbed to dental pressure and had the cavity filled.  During the procedure he pulled out a laser and said he had to seal my root as the cavity went down into the roots.  When he was finished he said "you'll probably lose the tooth".  What?  I had just spent $336.00 and now he says that.

As soon as the numbness wore off the sensitivity began.  And it never let up.  The Dentist said since he was working below the gum line it would be sore.  After a week I couldn't stand it any longer and called the dentist.  When I requested pain medicine I guess he realized how painful my tooth was and sent me to an oral surgeon.

On Thursday, April 3rd, the oral surgeon pulled the jaw tooth.  He said he could see marks left by the laser and spent some time filing down a sharp edge on my jawbone.  Although I followed his instructions I developed a dry socket.  Friday my tooth really hurt and my face was swollen, by Saturday my gum was really throbbing and by Sunday I was almost crazy with pain.

Have you ever had a dry socket?  It's really painful.  I did reach the oral surgeon who prescribed an antibiotic and more pain pills.  The pain pills (Vicodin) don't really help the pain, but it does make you sleep.

Today I went to the oral surgeon so he could irrigate the hole.  It's healing so quickly there wasn't a hole big enough for him to pack with pain relief; however, he was able to put some of the medicine on a gauze and that has helped so much.

It's amazing how long the roots are on a tooth and why it's so painful when the oral surgeon yanks it out of your jaw.  Looking at the tooth, it reminded me how miraculous we humans are. How different the roots are compared to the enamel of the tooth.  How does that happen?  Isn't it amazing?


Jackie said…
I am so sorry that you have had to go through theses procedures and experience the pain.
I'm not a dentist, but as a lay person just going by what you have shared, I'm thinking you were a lot better off before the work that you were pressured into was done.
If the dentist knew you were going to probably lose the tooth, WHY the dentist put you through all that other stuff?
Almost the same thing happened to me. I didn't lose the tooth, but I ended up having a root canal ...(that went bad.). Because I was still experiencing pain AFTER the root canal, the oral surgeon told me I would have to come back and that he would have to cut the root of the tooth. He told me that would be an additional surgery charge. I just looked at him like he had lost his mind!!
I had already paid through the nose for a root canal. It wasn't MY fault he didn't get all of the root's nerve. It was HIS! But, as you can probably guess, I had to pay. Don't get me started on dental surgery!
I hope that you feel better soon, Angie.

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