I See the Water Tower

When I was a little girl I was always excited to go visit Grandma C.  Actually all my siblings were excited to go see her.  We would pile into the car, fighting for the window seats and off we would go.

Although Grandma's house was only about 16 miles away from our home it seemed like it took forever to get there.

Our little eyes would always be on the lookout for the Arcanum water tower which was very close to Grandma's house.  Whoever saw it first would shout out "I see the water tower".  Of course there were always comments like "Well I saw the water tower a long time ago, but I thought I would wait to see how long you noticed it".

Yesterday driving to Grandma's house I still after all these years look for that water tower and actually said "I see the water tower".

Arcanum has a newer, modern water tower but we still look for this old one and know that Grandma's house is not too far away.


Patty said…
We all have nice memories of visiting our Grandma's. I always liked visiting my Grandma Custer, not so much my Grandma Pelling. Grandma Pelling always had fishing on her mind, or playing cards. I think that woman was before her time. LOL Grandma Custer always took time to listen and make good noodles for dinner and such. She was the more loving of the two.

Again, thanks for supper last night. I to thought the Reuben pizza was good.

Your Dad said he didn't notice any snaps of him. I told him you would catch him the next time. Love you

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