58 and Celebrating --- a Birthday Lunch with some of my best buds

Yesterday I was finally able to celebrate my birthday with my former lunch group.  We met up at Pies & Pints and it was great seeing them all again.  Below are just a few pics.

 I love the white elephant painted on the bricks.  If I lived in a warehouse or a loft I would so totally do this.

 Marlene and Angie

 Tina and Kumiko - I love Kumiko's new hair cut.  She's expecting a little baby girl in September.

 Angie and Alex

 Me and Tina

 The birthday treat which was shared 6 ways.  It was a brownie with peanut between each layer topped with chocolate ganache.  It was so rich and very tasty.

My best buds going back to work.  I miss seeing them every day.  :(


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