Today was rainy and cold; unusual for a June day.  This weather will hang around until Friday when it will be hot and sunny.

I noticed the above flowers when Gary and I were leaving Ladder 11 (a local restaurant).  My sister said they are called foxgloves. Also discovered their leaves contain digitalis, a potent heart medicine and the plant is considered poisonous.

I did read some folklore which stated fairies are quite fond of this flower as well as butterflies and bees and it's believed that if you wish for the fair folk to make a home in your garden, plant some foxgloves.  Fairies are often depicted with a foxglove bell for a hat.

I found this drawing on the internet of a foxglove and a fairy.

I hope you are enjoying June.  It's been a sad month for me so far.  The weather seems to match my mood.
Take care... much love.


Jackie said…
June has been a busy month for us.
I'm sorry that it has been a sad month for you. Gentle hugs for you....
The Foxglove is beautiful!

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