Friday the 13th - Full Moon

Around 11:00 pm I took off in my little car to find a place that was dark so I could take pictures of the moon.  I used my Canon Point N Shoot as I was too lazy to get my Canon Rebel out of the camera case in my closet.

I believe the above was at 2x magnification.

4 x magnification

This might be 8 x.  I tried to remember as I was taking shots because I was in an empty parking lot, no pen or paper, I didn't even have my bra on... so I was shooting pics quick.

This was the biggest I could go and as you can see I couldn't contain the entire moon in the shot.  But I really think for a point N shoot... this camera does pretty good.


Jackie said…
These are incredibly detailed photographs. Your point and shoot camera takes splendid photos.
Angie at Home said…
Thanks Jackie...... I do love this camera.

Hope you and yours are doing great.


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